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Diru Continued.

Posted by thesecretlifeofsdcc on 11 19 2006

So, April wanted me to talk more about Dir En Grey, so here goes. Dir En Grey (aka Diru) is one of the biggest rock bands in Japan. After the rock band of rock bands X Japan, protege to X Japan music prodigy Yoshiki, Dir En Grey has experienced nearly a decade of Japanese fame. In recent years, they have networked their glory throughout all of Asia and some of Europe.

Dir En Grey came at an age where Visual Kei (Visual Shock) was the popular thing. Think Marilyn Manson, only more hardcore. They’ve progressed a lot since that age, and last year, they made their first mini tour which consisted of three stops, one in NYC, one at South By Southwest Festival in Austin and the last at the Wiltern in Los Angeles. They then joined up with the Family Values tour. And now, they’re coming back for a 2007 tour as the last leg of what is to be named “Inward Scream”. I’m going to keep this short because I can rant about it all day and night. They’re my favorite band. I love them. Here’s a picture of their sexy lead singer. Not my favorite member of the band, but mmm sure is sexy. This picture will be of him pulling it VK style.

Check them out on YouTube. (http://www.youtube.com/v/YmY405qcVeQ)


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So Call me a Patriot.

Posted by thesecretlifeofsdcc on 11 16 2006

You know what gets to me all the time? How people use the term patriot as a political or cultural ploy to influence the general populus into conforming into a certain ideal. The Bush Regime has used patriot quite often. In fact, it’s been a bit of a trend. If you’re a democrat, you’re unpatriotic. You’re a traitor. If you’re a peace loving anything actively against the Iraqi War, you are obstructing patriotism. Well, has anyone ever thought of it this way? Can you really call a patriot someone who kills other patriots? Sure, they’re Iraqi’s, but they are patriots to their own country. How do you feel about that? You probably don’t care because you’re a patriot.

Look here, dumbass, a patriot is someone who looks out for what’s best for their country, not for what’s more akin to what YOU believe the country should be like. The United States is a vindictive manipulative machine and you’re so miniscule, it’s not even funny. Call yourself a patriot all you want, but you’re going to be sadly mistaken. You think carrying a deadly firearm in your house and hating on all the “niggers” and “wetbacks” and “coolies” out there makes you a patriot. No. It makes you a cracker. So shut it.

Is this what you call a “patriot”?

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Inward Scream Tour 07

Posted by thesecretlifeofsdcc on 11 14 2006

Dir En Grey is having their first full tour in America next year. They are coming to Houston and guess what? The presale sold out in twenty minutes. I didn’t get tickets. I’m seriously going to cry.

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South of Nowhere

Posted by thesecretlifeofsdcc on 11 13 2006

It’s official. South of Nowhere is my absolute new addiction. God save my sinful soul.

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Gay Rights and Gay Lefts

Posted by thesecretlifeofsdcc on 11 05 2006

Okay so I’m sick and tired of this WordPress thing not putting through my posts, but I’m going to rewrite this again because I feel it needs to be said.

I was talking about the conversation my girlfriend and I had. She had talked about rights and activism, and when choosing a particular ‘pet project’, as most activists often do, she was debating between women’s rights and gay rights. In the end, even though she felt more strongly towards women’s rights, she was more active in gay rights. Why? It seems as though gays have virtually no rights. They are the true second class citizens of this generation, not the blacks, hispanics, or asians, no they’ve risen. The gays are still the dispicable sinners of the world, hated by blacks, hispanics, asians and caucasians alike.

Well you might say that gays do indeed have rights. They can vote. They can drive. They can own property. They can speak freely without prosecution. Have you thought of this though: gays are given their rights under the assumption that they are straight. You can vote as long as you’re not mentally insane, which in some psychological theories, being a homosexual is a mental disorder. You can drive as long as you’re competent. Many argue that gays are not competent human beings. You can own property unless your gay partner wants to live with you. You can join the military as long as you act, talk, and pretend to be straight. You can marry as long as it’s with the opposite sex. So honestly… do gays really have rights?

All too often either one of my friends or I have been met with the situation where we may be exposed of our sexual orientation therefore in jeopardy of being fired for it. That’s ridiculous. Or so you would think. Believe me, it happens. Nowhere in several company policies does it protect homosexuals from discrimination. More often than not, companies state that they do not discriminate against gender, race, creed, color, etc., but few companies cite sexual orientation under these protections. What happens when people out you? Well sometimes your hours get cut to about half an hour a week or one shift alone a week. Sometimes they find some completely unimportant, unrelated, and proposterous reasoning of “letting you go”. Sometimes, they just flat out fire you.

You know gays get enough shit. Many can’t even hold jobs now. Some homophobes like to argue that gays are dirty and cannot hold down jobs. Well that’s because you won’t let them.

Being gay sucks sometimes.

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